Friday, April 8, 2011

Song time

So here's the song I wrote for my wife (Tiana). I have a few reservations about putting this up. But I called this blog stories, notes, & I gotta put up a song at least once.  Actually maybe at least twice cause songs is plural.  DOUGH!  BTW do you know how hard it is to put up a song w/ just a media player?  Well whatever the answer, it's too hard for me.  It's weird that you can post a video which has pictures AND sound, but you can't just upload an mp3 (just sound) easily to blogger.  You might be asking, well why didn't you just use the camera on your computer?  Well, I would say to you that I have a phobia of that.

One more thing, just want to give the photo credit to my friend: Mel Canite...thanks Mel! (@Mel, I'll remove the pic if you want me to) AND w/o further ado...

Did you hear where I messed up?  (The lyrics are here) AND I don't know what I was doing there at the end...I get nervous easily.   Haha.

(Love you, Tiana)

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