Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TOMS shoes

Does anybody own a pair of TOMS? Do you like them? I think the next pair of shoes that I buy will be a pair of TOMS. I've been looking at these Ash Waxed Twill Men's Cordones for a little while. The only thing is I don't know how to pronounce that last word. Is it like: KOR-DOE-N-S? Or KOR-DOE-NEH-S? KOR-DOE-NEH-S would definitely be the funnier pronunciation, for sure!  If you know the answer, can you help me out?  I would be really grateful.

So probably most of you have heard about TOMS SHOES. If not, here is the really great thing about them:

TOMS shoes is something else that gets me thinking about the things that I buy and the effects of that purchase beyond myself. Unlike like my bottled water deal however TOMS has a positive affect on the world...and that is good. I don't know everything about everything that I have, but I gotta start somewhere. So why not shoes? I do realize that providing shoes for one child is not much when considering all of the problems in the world.  But for me it represents a more important thing: a mindset change. That instead of making purchases only for my own benefit, in simple and ordinary things I do from day to day (such as buying shoes or not buying bottled water) I can intentionally affect the lives of others in a positive way.

So back to the top...Do you have a pair and do you like them?

Or what is something that you support?

I want to know.

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