Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eh, What kine slippas U get?

So lately I've been wearing slippers more often. I don't know why. For a really really really long time my preference has been shoes.  Ask my wife...she'll tell you.  But recently I've been going with slippers.  Maybe cause it's been super humid lately? And also maybe cause I don't want to turn on the fan or the A/C (I am half Chinese)?  Anyway, I've been thinking about getting a new pair cause what I have sort of works, but nothing that I would call the "perfect pair". Is there even such a thing?  Well, here's what I'm working with:

da Rainbows (left), da Cobians (center), & da Locals (right)
On the right, we have the classic pair of 'locals'.  I think everyone who lives in Hawaii has one of these (or has had one of these). These are actually the more upgraded kine with the 'massager' bumps for your feet. I actually didn't really like it at first. But after a while, I got used to them. These are good for the everyday at home stuff. Wash car, throw away trash, go do laundry, killing bugs, etc. They are a must have in any home.

In the middle we have the black buss up 'Cobians'. Now these were pretty comfortable. They also have five or so pukas (after looking at the picture, looks like they have 7 pukas) in the slipper to let water drain. At the time, I thought this was really cool. Especially for all the times I go to the beach and stuff...I don't actually go to the beach a lot...BUT I DO actually like these. So maybe I might get another pair of these...or something similar. The only thing about these are that after a while, the black kinda rubbed off on to my feet, so by where the straps would go on my feet, there was all kind of black stuff. Maybe that is the sign to buy a new pair?  But I don't remember if it was always like that or if it just did that towards the end of it's life...or maybe after it got wet a couple times? I'm not sure. Anyway that's that one.

Finally we have the brown pair of 'Rainbows'!  Now these were supposed to be the pair to last forever. Which is a big reason I have not gotten new slippers.  CAUSE I BOUGHT THESE TO LAST FOREVER! That's what the website says:
* Our Warranty is for the Lifetime of the sole. As long as you haven't worn into the next layer of the sole from either the top or bottom*

Actually I guess that's not what the website says. hmmm...anyway for the sake of this blog that's what we'll say it says....SO AS I WAS SAYING...it's supposed to last forever!  But besides lasting forever, a few of my friends said that they were super comfortable too.  So I bit the bullet and spent a little more than I normally would have on THESE SLIPPERS.  My main complaint is that they are kinda too slippery.  Slippery slippers...hahaha right.  But what I mean is that I always feel like I'm sliding, especially when walking up hill / up an incline.  DISCLAIMER: I did leave these in my car for a while...and the sun & heat MIGHT HAVE dried them out...so that could have had something to do with it...actually that's probably why they're so dry.  It's all my fault.  Anyway regardless of the cause of the dryness of the slippers, the fact remains that they are slippery.

Now I've actually been wearing da Rainbows the past couple of weeks and they ARE getting a little better.  Kinda forming to my feet and getting a little more comfy and because I paid so much for them, I most likely won't buy a new pair...cause in my mind, these Rainbows are supposed to LAST FOREVER.  But I was wondering if anybody had a favorite pair or brand of slippas?  I am curious.

What kine slippas U get?

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