Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gungor - I Am Mountain

We should all probably get this album.


See you at the record store!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Cannot Be Replaced

When a baby is born. It is magic. I don't know how else to explain it. To see a new life being born. It is incredible.  Words cannot really explain...cannot capture the miracle that happens in those magical moments.

As you hold that child in your arms, you think of all the possibilities...of all the "what could be". You have hopes and dreams.

But I don't think anyone thinks, "One day, little one...this world is going to beat you down. I'm not sure if it will be when you are a teenager or when you are all grown up, but one day it will be too much. This world and some of the people in it will be so relentless in their attacks that you might feel that it is better off to just...

end. it."

I mean, why would they?

But the truth is that the world (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not) does that.

This past summer a high school classmate of mine felt that way. I hadn't spoken to him probably since we graduated high school but when I heard the news, I was shaken.


I still kinda am when I really stop and think about it.

So this is entry is for you who don't think you are worth anything.  The truth is: You are worth everything.

Next week is World Suicide Prevention Week and the great folks at TWLOHA have put together a little package to get the word out.  The message is:

So click on this link, get yours today, and spread the word.

Speak love to those you see whether it be through a kind word, a smile, or actions because you never know who might really need it.