Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can you believe this?

Thankfully after a short conversation w/ my cousin, I found out this was a hoax. He linked me to an article and you can read it here.

If you don't want to go there, here's some quick notes:
- this was an actual presentation at the inaugural "Venture Capital Fundraising Club of Silicon Valley"
- someone (not the actress) created a Rachel Sequoia Twitter account and now has more than 2000 followers (that's crazy)
- Also someone else not involved with the hoax project bought the domain name sharetheair108.com and started accepting sign-ups. (crazy as well...that someone did that AND that people are signing up)

As I watched this a couple of times...and also prompted by the comment of my cousin, it got me thinking about some stuff. Mainly the issue of 'greed'. At first, I had no idea where this presentation was going. I was thinking, "ok kinda hippyish girl making a presentation on air quality to some business people." Then the SALES PITCH came and I was totally caught off guard...and thought, "Man, people must be desperate if they buy into this." And apparently as proved by the above linked article, people are. 

But how can you do that? How can you own air?  To me it sounds crazy.  In fact it is crazy that there were/are people willing to invest money to attempt to do this! 

Segue (fyi, before I used spell check this word looked like this: Segway) to my cousin's point about how similar this is to the start up of bottled water and it got me thinking of the documentary BlueGold.  It basically says that the bottled water industry is causing the earth to become a desert. We are using the resource faster than it can be replenished.  This documentary might be biased conspiracy theory to some, but what is the argument FOR bottled water?  Watch the trailer or better yet, watch the movie itself and please convince me that bottled water it is a good thing.  I don't want to believe stuff like this is happening in the world.

Sorry this post got so depressing.

Anybody know a good joke?

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