Friday, April 1, 2011

I Got A Coffee For...

This is supposed to say Jared. haha very funny.
This wasn't today.  But I thought I'd bring it back.  (Coincidentally it's April Fools Day, too.) Do you think those guys at Starbucks play name games or something to help them get through their day?  You know like who can spell the customer's name the most craziest?  IF SO, could the creation of 'GERADE' gone something like this?

Oh Jared is his name, well now let's see 'G' also makes a 'J' sound so that's a good switch and then we'll reverse the middle part of his name so the 'are' will be 'era' and next we'll have the 'D' there towards the end and finally to cap it off as all...THE silent 'E'.  Wow, that is beautifully amazing and amazingly beautiful.  Jared is going to love the new spelling of his name.  I'm quite sure.

Looking at this picture a few times, I noticed you could also pronounce it Ge-Ra-De.  Like jeh-rah-dee...or jeh-rah-deh (I apologize for not knowing how to phonetically spell/sound that out). No silent 'E'.

Anyway, do you have a crazy Starbucks interpretation of your name?  Or do you give fake names?


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