Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting, Elections, & God

Today is election day.

We have the privilege and honor to elect our government officials.

No matter if the person you voted for wins or loses, we are truly blessed to be able to have a process like this.

Not sure why, but this election season has been tiring.  Candidates are running and campaigning, but we the voter have to sift through smoke screens and misdirections and find what is true and what is real.  To be honest, I feel lied to by just about every politician (...and it hardens my heart as towards this whole thing.)  Maybe they're hiding something from me for my own good.  Maybe if I knew all that went on, I would move to New Zealand (or somewhere). 

But inspite of all that...
...we are blessed to be able to do this.

The truth is we can do the best research we can.

We can actually have the leaders that we want in office.

But at the end of the day, that is just man's best attempt to right the wrongs.

And only God can bring the change we truly need. 

So right now, pray.

And after this election is done, pray.

Because we know we need God to live how we should live and whether those who get into (or back into) office knows it or not they need God, too. 

But it is our responsibility to pray.


oLive said...

I should've been praying more before TODAY lol. I feel undecided but I do have a gut feeling on some people that I guess I'll be following. And yeah, the lies make my heart hard too. I thought the same thing about "what if we moved somewhere else?" haha. It's a privilege to vote, it just sucks to feel like crap afterwards.

Jared said...

@oLive - Agree totally with you.
"It's a privilege to vote, it just sucks to feel like crap afterwards."