Friday, November 23, 2012

Powerade was enough

So I biked in to work again today.  It's the Friday after Thanksgiving and there was very little traffic.  Either everyone is at the malls or they are at home sleeping off the meal/s they had yesterday.

Anyhow...after I got to the office, I went over to the gas station to get a sports drink (cause that's what athletes have to do after they do their...athlete-ing). 

Powerade was on sale. 2 for $2.50

So I got one red and one blue.

As I was walking back to the office, I saw my buddy Steve at the bus stop.  He said he was listening to the LSU vs Arkansas game (I should've asked him the score)...on a new walkman that he got (which is cool cause his other one got stolen). 

I say, "Hey that's cool.  You want one of these (Powerade's)?  Red or Blue?"

He takes the blue and says thanks.

After short meeting, at the office, I go back to the gas station and pick up a 3 spam musubi's.  2 for me, 1 for Steve.  With my musubi's in hand, I walk back to the bus stop and offer one of them to him.  "You want one of these?"

I expect him to say yes and thank you as usual.

But he says, no.  He's fine.

It's not that he doesn't like them.  I've gotten some musubi's for him before.

"Ok," I say, "take care."

And as I'm walking back to my office with Steve's musubi, I wonder if he was too proud to take it?  I wonder if he doesn't like to just take and take and take.  I wonder if he'll receive things that he needs...but for the things that he doesn't...he won't.

I look at him and ask myself: What does he want out of life or does he have everything he wants?

I wonder.

But for today all he wanted was a Powerade...and that was enough.

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