Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random thoughts while riding to work

So today is Wednesday.  I usually try to ride bike into work.  Not sure exactly how long it is has been since I started, but it has at least been a few months.  It's getting easier.  Now that's not the same as easy.  Just not as hard as it was when I started. 

But it has gotten to the point where my mind can wander to other thoughts than, "Crap. I am so tired" or "Should I just turn around and drive to work?" or "I wonder if my wife would pick me up from here and take me the rest of the way..."

So here's some randomness...

1.  All you cars shouldn't bang me.  You know why?  Me using less gas getting to work means there's more gas for you!

2.  Wow, gas is $3.99 now!  Maybe me riding to work IS helping?!?!?  Gas has gone down.  That fact is indisputable.

3.  I love it when cars cut in front of me only to be waiting at the stop light for me when I pull up. <-- insert heavy sarcasm

4.  It is very fulfilling when I pass cars in traffic.  I take it to mean that I'm getting into better shape.

5.  Thank you all the cars and drivers for not banging me.  My wife and kids thank you as well.

6.  I wish PRP would start a bike lane campaign. <-- not really.  and I didn't think that up while riding.  Just while typing.

Ok, that's all.  I'm pretty sweaty and tired and am still typing on this keyboard.


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