Friday, November 2, 2012

Bethel Church - The Loft Sessions

In my quest for music and also not having to pay too much money for it, I have most recently come across this album:  Bethel Church - The Loft Sessions

It came out on iTunes, January of this year.  But I just picked up the CD/DVD combo at Logos Bookstore for $11.99 plus tax! (Cheaper & better than iTunes! My kind of deal.)  Logos Bookstore can be found right here.  Check them out if you can and support your local businesses.

Here is a great song off of that album called "Come to Me" featuring Jenn Johnson.

Also, here's a little trailer for the album.  These are always fun to watch.  Kind of a "behind the scenes" thing! (More videos can be found on their YouTube Page)

For chord sheets and other cool stuff check out the Bethel website, here!

Hope you pick up the album and hope you love it.

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