Friday, November 16, 2012

Song Time - Tell The World

Here is the latest...not necessarily the from yours truly. 

Possibly the most upbeat song I've written.  Song is about telling people of our Savior.  The main part of this song (for me) is the pre-chorus based on Matthew 5:14.  That we would let God shine His light, his love through us.  Then the second half of that comes out of Matthew 28:19 where Jesus is says to go and make disciples.  Most of the songs I write are just prayers.  I hope that even without music, if you just read the words, they would make sense and would be something you could imagine yourself saying to God.  Anyways, if you have any questions about the songs or whatevers, just comment below.  Thanks for stopping by and for listening.

And with out further ado...

Tell the World
You are the truth, the life, the way
Our hope is found in You
We will declare
We will proclaim
Our hope is found in You

    Make us shine like a city on a hill
    Let Your light shine
    God let Your light shine
    Send us out so the world may hear
    For God You so loved the world
    That you came for us

    You came to seek and save what was lost
    You came to save the day
    Rescue us from the grave into life everlasting
    Joy, You are the hope of the world
    Lover of our soul
    We will tell the world
    We will tell the world

You are the light shining in the darkness
Our hope is found in You
You are the peace that comforts in the storm
Our hope is found in You

When we were lost and far away
You came for us
When we were broken and in pain
You came for us

Now we will testify of Your love in our lives
Of all You've done and all that You are
God be lifted high

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