Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All For Love (DEMO)

So here's the newest song I have.  I really tried to write a song that convicts the heart...BUT it somehow ended up very happy and singsongy at the end.  I guess that's just the kind of person I am.  Also, I really need help/tips on recording...cause this is just...not good.  Or if I could find someone to sing my songs!!!???!?!?! That'd be good, too. I think really it's just that I need a church/congregation.  I really am uncomfortable singing by myself.  Anyway, to God be the glory.  

All For Love

Broken for me
The crown of thorns & nails in Your feet
& hands flow blood
All for love

You took my place upon the cross
You died the death that I deserve
You paid the ransom for me
Once and for all
for love
All for love

So I will sing
& I will praise You
& so I will worship You
with all my heart
And I will live
Giving You everything
for You gave everything
& You held nothing back
for love 

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