Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking for gift ideas? HELLO SOMEBODY

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be blogging a few gift ideas. 
Just some things that have caught my attention.


Thinking about buying shirts, jackets, or a tank top for gifts?  HELLO SOMEBODY has
How 'bout a watch? Or watches?  HELLO SOMEBODY...right here & here.
HELLO SOMEBODY, music?  here
Beanie, scarf, combo packs (pink, black)? <---there, there, & there (& there).

HELLO SOMEBODY has a lot of great products.

BUT the best part of this company is that when we make a purchase...we are taking part in things like this:

Hello Somebody and Light The Streets from Hello Somebody on Vimeo.

Earlier in November, I ordered a jacket/tank top/watch combo pack and it came pretty quickly...and I live in Hawaii!  I feel like it came within a week.  Another thing that I think was address was handwritten on the box my stuff was shipped in.  I just like that small business-personal touch-feel that it conveyed.

Anyway, that's that. If you have any questions...umm check out the website at:

There's a lot more stories, pictures, videos, and information there.

Any Christmas gift suggestions for me?

Alrighty...until next time!

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Jared said...

BTW I wear size XL if anybody is gonna get me something from here!