Friday, November 25, 2011


This past Saturday on Nov 19, Hawaii experienced it's first ever CARROT MOB! The basic concept is to BUYcott instead of boycott business to influence change. For a more in depth explanation you can check out their webpage here...

This past CARROT MOB was held at The WINE STOP.

"The Wine Stop--a Hawaiian owned and locally operated business--wants to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels to help Hawai'i become energy independent."

...and it was a huge success! From what I understand, The Wine Stop usually brings in about $1500 on a Saturday. They pledged to put 80% of the profits made above that $1500 towards retrofitting their store. From 1pm - 5pm on Nov 19th, can you guess how much money they brought in?

Almost $7000!!!

Thanks to KYA Sustainability Studio, the people of Hawaii, and other local business concerned with Hawaii's energy independence.

Here's the FB event page if you want more info on what went on. Click here

Next CARROT MOB will be at Kale's Natural Foods Store in the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center (next to Safeway)! Here's the FB event page.

Maybe see you there?

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