Friday, June 24, 2011


the music begins to play
and a soft melody fills the air
the rhythm of the song touches my soul
and she begins her dance
putting motions to the song
she paints a picture so heavenly
only angels could have matched her beauty
her hands move
like falling rain
her legs make her seem to rise and fall
as if she were floating on the the clouds
as she spins
her hair becomes like a beautiful garment
and her face
her face is what i love the most
her eyes shine
like diamonds in the sky
and her smile shines like the sun
and as our eyes meet
i am captivated
and i can only stare
everything else fades away, but her
and i am left...
(written in Auckland New Zealand 2003, while away from the one I love)

Just a little reminder to myself of how in love I was with her...
and how she is even more beautiful now.
It's good to remember.

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Anonymous said...

You never seiz to bring tears to my eyes