Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Running w/ the toddler

So I went running with Ayla (she's my oldest) yesterday. It was the first time I did that since we bought our jogging stroller (tisk tisk). Anyway, it was pretty fun. I had some great conversation and I spent some time with my daughter. Here's some of the greatness of our daddy/daughter time:

Ayla: I wanna go running with you.
Me: Okay.
(I love that she wanted to come with me...especially after she kept saying she didn't want to come.)

(So we start my route.)
Ayla: Oh look a dog!
(3 min later)
Ayla: Oh look a hydrant!
(10 min later)
Ayla: Dad go faster!
(2 min later)
Ayla: Dad are you running?
Me: Yes, daddy is running.
(We finish 15 min later)

If not for encouragement like that, I don't know if I could have finished my route. But seriously, it was really fun to be with her and to share that time...and as for those last two comments, it was more cute than anything else.

Now when she's older and we actually go jogging together and she starts saying that...THEN IT'S ON!!! And I'll just have to show her what speed really looks like...or push her down if she starts to beat me and say it was an accident. No...I wouldn't do that. I would trip her. No I wouldn't do that either. I would graciously accept defeat...and then ground her for a month...because of the disrespectful comments not because she beat me. Goodness people...what kind of father do you think I am? No you're'd be because she beat me.

But don't tell her that.

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