Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Beard Blog

So I have been trying to grow a beard. STRONG EMPHASIS ON THE TRY. There's no real reason to do this other than I want to try. I figure since there is no dress code at my work I'll give it a shot. (However there may be a dress code after this little experiment.)

Before this though, the longest I've gone without shaving is maybe 2 or 3 days. Now it has been about 3 weeks. It was kinda uncomfortable at first. Felt a little bit like shaving but w/o using aftershave. But now, it's to the point where it doesn't really bother me.

It was kinda fun for a be doing something out of routine AND I thought to myself that doing this would be less work...because I wouldn't have to shave and all. But as I've had some time to think about it, I realize that in the long run there will actually be MORE work. I don't even know what goes into maintaining a beard/mustache. Also do you call the beard/mustache a beard? Is the term "beard" all inclusive of both beard and mustache? I don't know. But I will find out. (just checked beard on wikipedia. It was very informational and pretty funny. I recommend.)

To tell you the truth, I kinda want to shave it off.

...buuuuut I also want to keep it.

It's really a love/hate thing.

Here are a couple things that bothers me (mainly my mustache):
My mustache pokes my lip when I do certain things.  Like touch it with my bottom lip.  haha.

Also I can feel my mustache when I'm drinking water.  Actually it's just that I can feel it on the rim of the cup.  But still.

Plus I can get "stuff" caught in it...and it can stay there for a long time if I don't realize it's there. (Like Kleenex...I sneeze a lot.)

But the one thing that is kinda keeping me from shaving it is that Jesus had a beard. Right?!?! I mean in all the artistic renditions of Jesus he has a beard...and if I want to be more like thing I can do is try to grow a beard.

Plus my oldest girl kinda likes it...and I'll do anything for my girls.

Finally, for the faithful who read this blog from time to is what we have so far:

I'm smiling funny because I don't think I can smile regular with this on my face.
Also one more reason I want to shave it off is cause there's a lot of bald patches...but I'm hoping length will cover some of it up.

I dunno...we'll see.

Thanks for reading...till next time.