Thursday, February 18, 2016

(It's OK to) Give Small, Pass It On

Well, 2 days have past since we started the GoFundMe page. In that time, we've nearly raised $1000! Almost halfway to our $2000 goal.
As I check the page from time to time or am updated by an email from GoFundMe, I am blessed, thankful, and in awe of the support and generosity shown by all of you. Up to this point most of the contributions have been pretty big (or what I would consider big), like $100 - $200. To you friends, thank you

For you others, I know if it were me, might feel pressure to give that way too...but might not be able here's another way...hence the blog title "Give Small, Pass It On".

The short explanation is if you would like to give to the project, $10 is a good number...even $5 is good. But after you donate, pass it on. Here's one way to do that on FB or Twitter...

1. Copy and Paste the GoFundMe link on your Facebook and/or Twitter page:
2. If you want, add a short note about why you're supporting this project. Example: Jared is nice and I like his song. That's why I'm supporting this project! 
3. If you really want to, add #PassItOn to the end of your post along with #JaredsRecording

The "Pass It On" part comes from my elementary days. Maybe you're old enough...I mean, maybe we went to elementary school around the same time...or...ummm...anyway, back to my story. As lunch would finish up, before we could go to recess, we'd have to be dismissed by a teacher. When a few kids noticed that a table had gotten dismissed, you would always hear them telling the others to be quiet and "be good" so the teacher would dismiss our table. Now if you remember, cafeteria tables were long and rectangular so most times you would hear the signal, which would be whispered (usually) starting from the aisle and ending at the wall, "Be quiet...pass it on." 

 So friends, consider this our aisle... #PassItOn #JaredsRecording #100isGreatBut10isGoodToo

If you aren't able to part w/ a few bucks at this time, I totally understand. But you could like my music page. That's free...

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