Thursday, September 15, 2011

Song time - I Love You LORD

This song is just talking to the LORD about what He has done in my life and my response to Him.

ILoveYouLord(81811DEMO) by jaredmiyamoto

I come before You LORD  For You have made my heart to see
Your unfailing love is pouring out on me
Your mercy saved my soul Your grace it makes me clean
And I'll worship You my LORD, forever I will sing

I love You LORD
and I will praise You with my whole heart
for my life is Yours
I love You LORD
may Your name be exalted
in all of the earth

to the one who's saved my soul
to the one who makes me whole
to the one who redeemed me
to the one who sets me free
to the one who reigns on high
to the one who gave His life
to the one who's always faithful
O LORD my God I'll praise You

Let your light shine.....

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