Thursday, September 15, 2011

Song time - For You So Loved

...based off of John 3:16

  ForYouSoLoved(81111)DEMO by jaredmiyamoto

Oh God, for You so loved the world 
that You sent Your only Son to die upon the cross 
the sacrifice for all 
 That whoever would believe 
Would gain eternal life 
For our sins are washed away by the blood that flowed from Him 
Our Savior Jesus Christ 

LORD You gave everything to show 
Your great love that rescues evermore 
Forever I will praise Your holy name 
For You alone are God Savior of the world 
Worthy to be praised 

God of mercy and grace I pray forgiveness fall like rain 
as I give my life to You Holy Spirit make me new 
& wash away my shame 
And I will join the angel's song 
singing, "Holy is the LORD" Forever and always for all of my days 
I will worship You my God 

Let your light shine.....

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