Saturday, May 28, 2016

Record Project Update 5/28

So it’s been a while since we did the GoFundMe campaign. That was incredible. I cannot believe how much support is behind the project. I wish I could say that we are almost finished w/ recording, but the reality is that the connection that I had fell through and we are back at square one.

During that time, I came away slightly disappointed and discouraged. But what I have learned in this process is that nothing about making a record is easy. I’m learning that I want this process to be fun and enjoyable. I want to make something good…something that’s worth something. But I want do it w/ people who believe in the project.

There’s a quote from the movie, Miracle starring Kurt Russell, that really like. It expresses a something I have come to highly value. Kurt plays Herb Brooks who coached the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team. That year, they go on to win the gold medal, defeating a seemingly invincible Russian squad. When putting the team together Coach Brooks is being questioned as to why he is leaving some of the “best” players off the team. Coach Brooks replies, “I’m not looking for the best players, Craig. I’m looking for the right ones.”

I think for me, if I could ask for prayer and/or help, it would be that God would help me to link up with the right ones for this project. 

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