Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did you know me then?

This is 1995. 

Senior picture. 


Castle High School.

For this particular picture, I remember the photographers giving me the shirt and tie (probably a clip on) and jacket to wear...and for my legs, I probably had jeans (or shorts), socks, and shoes (CAUSE I NEVER WORE SLIPPERS).

I played trumpet back then.  Actually not my senior year.  Too much pressure. But back in high school and intermediate...I did.

Do you call it 'intermediate'? or do you call it 'middle school'?

For me?  It was King Intermediate.  Not King Middle School.  I wonder why it's not just one or the other. Do you know why?  What makes one school an intermediate school and the other a middle school? Anyway...

There you go.

Just a random post.

It's good to look back sometimes.  Remember the good/funny stuff...and see how far you've come in life.  I'm gonna try to do that more.

Also, hope the picture made you smile. 


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